If You're Considering a Divorce, Turn to Richard F. Gibbons Jr., PLC

If You're Considering a Divorce, Turn to Richard F. Gibbons Jr., PLC

A reputable divorce law firm based in Fairfax, VA and serving Northern Virginia

Divorcing your spouse can come with uncertainty. Will you have access to your children, and will you receive your fair share of the assets? Consulting a knowledgeable divorce attorney can help put your mind at ease.

The law office of Richard F. Gibbons Jr., PLC is a respected family law firm in Fairfax, VA, founded by an attorney with over three decades of experience. Attorney Gibbons focuses on divorce law, and he often handles cases involving...

  • Parental relocation
  • Equitable distribution of property
  • The enforcement of court orders
  • Changes made to existing child visitation, custody or support orders

Ask attorney Gibbons anything you want to know about divorcing your spouse - he has the answers you need. Call 571-432-0200 now to schedule a consultation.

How can attorney Gibbons help you?

Virginia divorce law allows spouses to dissolve their marriage with or without determining fault.

In no-fault, or uncontested, divorces, attorney Gibbons can determine the value of all assets and the extent of liabilities, as well as assess the tax implications of certain decisions. In contested divorces, attorney Gibbons can provide litigation representation.

Regardless of your situation, reach out today to retain a competent divorce attorney in Fairfax, VA.