Do You Qualify for Alimony?

Do You Qualify for Alimony?

Find out by consulting a spousal support attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

Living alone after divorcing your spouse can be difficult at first, especially if your household income was much higher when you were married. Spousal support, or alimony, will lessen your financial burden. Consult an alimony attorney in Fairfax, Virginia to find out if you qualify for spousal support and, if so, how much money a judge may award you.

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Learn more about spousal support

Judges don't always award spousal support, so you'll need the help of an alimony attorney to improve your chances of receiving financial assistance from your ex. Attorney Gibbons is standing by to assist you in Fairfax, Virginia or the surrounding area.

Here are three things you should know about alimony:

  • It can help the recipient gain financial independence.
  • It's used to recognize a partner's contribution to the marriage.
  • It can be paid as a lump sum or in consistent, recurring installments.

Although online research is a good starting point, it's no substitute for guidance from a spousal support attorney. Reach out today to speak with the Firm.