Avoid Turning Custody Decisions Into a Conflict

Avoid Turning Custody Decisions Into a Conflict

Retain a child custody attorney in Fairfax, VA for support

Fear can cause the most level-headed person to act irrationally, and that's certainly true of divorcing parents who fear they'll lose custody of their children. Although there's no guarantee you'll achieve your desired outcome, Richard F. Gibbons Jr., PLC will do right by you and your child. You'll be glad to have a compassionate child custody attorney on your side.

To get started, meet with attorney Gibbons at his office in Fairfax, VA. He'll listen attentively as you describe your situation and desired outcome.

Attorney Gibbons can then...

  • Set up a sole or joint custody arrangement
  • Update an existing custody order, if needed
  • Create a legally binding child visitation agreement

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What's best for your child?

Attorney Gibbons will consider this question as he works with you to find a solution. Putting your child's needs ahead of your own when drafting a child visitation agreement may go a long way with the judge.

Reach out today to get assistance with your child visitation or custody matter in the Fairfax, VA area, including Alexandria.